Wilsons Botanic Park

Project Information

Description: Construction of Stormwater Harvesting System

Location: Wilsons Botanic Park, Berwick Victoria

Client: City of Casey Council

Duration: 6 Months

Project Description

The City of Casey Council is concerned with water usage in our community and therefore have an interest in recycling water for a variety of uses. The council has allocated funding in its 2021/2022 Capital Works Program to construct a Stormwater Harvesting System into Wilson Botanic Park.
The construction of a stormwater harvesting system will essentially collect stormwater, clean, treat it and store it as recycled water for irrigation or other purposes. The new Stormwater Harvesting System will collect stormwater from McNabb Street, Berwick and will involve a pump set up system to Wilsons Botanic Park.
The construction of this Stormwater Harvesting System is commenced in October 2021 and is due to finish in April 2022.

APS were selected via a tender process due to our previous civil construction experience and our highly skilled workers.

Key Works:



In order to overcome the design challenges, we worked collaboratively with the client and designers to fix any of the onsite issues. This involved thorough design analysis and reporting to discover where the issues were arising from. Once we had identified the issues, we were then able to attend to them, correcting the problems and ensuring that the system was flowing smoothly and operating as it should.

The stormwater harvesting system is due to be completed within the timeframe and budget parameters. This is a great outcome for both Wilson Botanic Park and The City of Casey Council. They will now be able to harvest stormwater for collection and use where it’s required, saving water for our local communities.

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